1967 – Blemish Balm: A classic discovers the world

The Original Blemish Balm  was developed by Christine Schrammek.
She was actually in search of a suited product to be applied after a GREEN PEEL® Herbal Peeling treatment. No product was suited 100%, so the cosmetician decided to develop something herself.
The original goal: A product with an anti-inflammatory/soothing effect to provide the skin with care and protection after a GREEN PEEL® treatment. 
The highly-effective ingredient cocktail was also suited to cover impurities without any problem,had regulating effects and with time the multi-talent Blemish Balm became a quick helper for nearly all skin problems. For many years, it has been a must have for any hand bag.
How did it become a world fame?
The triumph started in Essen and made its way first of all to Korea. At that time, this destination was not chosen consciously. Blemish Balm was taken back home by many Korean nurses who worked in Germany.
Even though it was not originally developed for the Asian market, Blemish Balm was the solution for a very common skin problem among Asians: blemished skin. A boom followed not only in Korea, but also in Japan.
In the Asian market, Blemish Balm was called BB Cream which initiated a generic term f or a (partly) new product catego


Application area: Blemish Balm – The multi-talent


• Provides instant help for pimples and pustules
• Reduces itching of insect bites
• Reduces pain with blisters on the lips and supports the healing process
• Helps to heal small wounds
• Takes care of small burns
• Conceals impurities, redness, large and hyperpigmentation long-lastingly
• Has anti-inflammatory and soothing effects
• Provides protection against harmful environmental influences
• Is essential during and after a GREEN PEEL® treatment
• Supports the regeneration process after laser treatments

Application: The product is applied either specifically on pimples, insect bites or small wounds or to the complete face (the tinted versions can also be used as make-up).
Main ingredients: Zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, liquorice root
Regeneration ingredients: Panthenol and Bisabolol