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Make Brow Lamination treatment profitable for your business

Brow lamination is absolutely hit at the moment. The eyebrows are fixed in the desired shape. Whether trendy feather brows or the absolutely stylish natural skinny brows: any desired shape can be implemented depending on the condition of the brows and can be fixed for 4 to 6 weeks.

This is a very high profitable service, especially in combination with tinting, which takes only 2 min to develop, since the brow hairs are more open for the subsequent color application due to the pre-treatment.

TIP: Nourish clinets lashes after this service by using Keratin Fluid enriched with Keratin, SIlk protein and Panthenol.

Brow Lamination is a great opportunity for every cosmetic salon.

1. Wimpernwelle brow lamination kit is designed for around 15 applications.

2. Price for a kit is $81.00

3. 15 min treatment, including the tinting, but if included during the facial treatment no additional time is required

4. Average treatment price for your customer $90

5 Your cost $7 per treatment 

6. Profit per treatment $83

7. Profit per kit = $1245



Brow Tinting service with Binacil tint

1. Cost off Binacil products per one treatment approximately $0.70

2. Service price ( 2 min after brow lamination or 10 min normaly): $15

3. Profit per treatment minus material cost approximately $14.30

4. Potential profit out of one Binacil tube and one developer = $357.50

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