Loyalty Program

Loyalty pays off!

K-Cosmetics customer loyalty program 2020/2021
Loyal customers always receive benefits from K-Cosmetics!

Combine all orders across your skincare, makeup, salon essentials, body products and your wax purchases and receive extra bonus.

From the 1st of April 2020, you automatically receive a status level of the following criteria. Depending on the status level, you benefit from the following discounts and advantages the entire following year:
















*Discount to be applied only on products showcased during training session.

Qualification for your status always ends on 31st of March of the current year. However, you can improve your status for the coming year by increasing your current turnover.
A change of status within the year is not possible. The status is newly assigned every year.

Due to Covid -19, targets (total turnover) required to achieve different discount tiers will be modified accordingly for your benefit.

Important: Our Loyalty program only applies to “on time” payment accounts, otherwise this rebate scheme may be void. In the case of any price change, minimum annual turnover will need to be changed accordingly. Our Loyalty program does not apply to any wholesalers and sub distributors.

Take a look at all of the purchases you make every day to keep your salon running. How many of those could be sourced to K-Cosmetics - where you earn money back?

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