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Dermatological problem solvers for scalp and hair

Discover hair products to treat the most common scalp and hair problems

Both women and men desire healthy, beautiful and strong hair. The scalp needs intensive care as it’s exposed to irritants from frequent washing, styling and UV exposure, leading to problems like hair loss, aging hair, itching and dandruff.

Our dermatologist Dr. med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio and Dr Christina Drusio have developed Hair products to treat the most common scalp and hair problems with scientifically based ingredients and concentrated plant power to solve these problems effectively.

Hair Boost Tonic

Helps to counteract hair loss 

Effective special care in case of excessive hair loss and thinning hair

High-quality combination of ingredients for the scalp and hair.

Helps to promote natural hair growth.

Easy and targeted application due to applicator tip.

Vitalizing Scalp Tonic

Vitalizes and energizes scalp and hair​

Supports the regeneration of the scalp

Helps to vitalise damaged, stressed hair and creates volume

Gives dull hair a new shine and better combability as well as moisturizing

Grey Delay“ – helps to prevent greying of the hair

Sensiderm Scalp Tonic

For sensitive, itchy scalp and dandruff​​Intensively soothing for irritated scalp with a moisturising effect

Relieves redness, tightness and itching of irritated scalp

Helps to reduce dandruff and strengthen the scalp barrier

Supports the natural balance of the scalp

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