Paola P make up 

Why more clients are falling in LOVE with Paola P Make up 


Paola P  is the make-up brand with charisma.
Chic and luxurious with a tough edge.

Paola P make-up stands out because of its high-quality Italian properties combined with its chic appearance.


A true eye catcher!

The Paola P Make up range consists of a complete yet compact range of products. A base for beautiful make-up and sufficient colors to give it a personal touch. 

Classy, powerful, mysterious, glamorous or natural.

The right look for everyone!


  1. Italian style, modern and funky

  2. Offers superior coverage and is ideal for all skin types and clients of any age.

  3. Offers a wide range of foundation formulas “Loose, Liquid, Cream & Pressed”

  4. Is a true artistry range with a comprehensive choice of color

  5. Full make up range with amazing selection of retail products