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Paola P make up 

made in Italy 

Why more clients are falling in LOVE with Paola P Make up?  


Paola P  is the make-up brand with charisma.
Chic and luxurious with a tough edge.

Paola P make-up stands out because of its high-quality Italian properties combined with its chic appearance.


A true eye catcher!

Paola P Make up range consists of a complete yet compact range of products. A base for beautiful make-up and sufficient colors to give it a personal touch. 

Classy, powerful, mysterious, glamorous or natural.

The right look for everyone!


Why choose PaolaP make-up?

Young and creative company: offering customers innovative products is essential, the make-up market is demanding and attentive to fashion; extraordinary news every year!

Made in Italy 100% 


Professional make-up line created to fully satisfy the needs of every woman: PaolaP offers a wide range of solutions to solve any type of problem.

PaolaP Make Up products adopt natural active ingredients with an excellent seal, respect the skin, do not contain comedogenic substances and are without Parabens, Nickel tested. Natural is not synonymous with low hold, on the contrary all PaolaP make-up products have a perfect writable and are perfect for creating plays of shades .


All products are easy to use , the product packages are designed to give maximum grip comfort for easy application


Exclusivity : the line is distributed through the professional only:  beauty salons, nail salons, make up artisist and  hairdressers.

Lines and products with very high resale potential .

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