Beauty capsules: the new luxurious vitamin power serums in tiny capsules form

Skin care products from the capsule are optimally portioned, both hygienic and practical to use and are becoming increasingly popular. The Beauty Capsules, which are only intended for external use, are one of our anniversary highlights. These limited power serums in heart-shaped capsules are available in four different versions. Small in appearance, they contain a significant amount of a very high quality serum. The serum in the capsule is high-dose and contains valuable vitamins. Now you have to be quick and grab it!

Limited: four different capsule variants

Anti-aging serum + vitamin A.

The silky-soft serum capsules give the skin a new anti-aging swing. Vitamin A is said to support skin regeneration and the skin's own repair mechanisms and can thus improve elasticity - for a more youthful appearance. At the same time it protects the skin from free radicals. Skin-Refining Serum + Vitamin C. The luxurious serum from this capsule gives tired skin a youthful freshness. Vitamin C is said to support the strengthening of the collagen fibers and protect against free radicals. Skin unevenness can be evened out and the natural radiance optimized. For a more even complexion with more glow.

Moisturizing Serum + ProVitamin B5 The pampering serum gives the skin extra moisture. ProVitamin B5, oligopeptides and amino acids are supposed to stimulate skin renewal, hydrate the skin and can thus prolong the skin's youthful radiance. Protecting Serum + Vitamin E. The gently caring serum from the capsule is intended to give the skin more protection. Vitamin E is said to have a soothing effect on the skin and, in combination with ceramides, protect the skin from drying out and from external influences and free radicals. For noticeably smoother skin.

This is why our serum capsules are so convenient to use

The highly concentrated serums stay fresh in the capsule and are protected from environmental influences such as light, bacteria and germs. The airtight capsule is only opened before direct use and then completely emptied for one application. The capsule seal (the elongated part on the underside of the heart) only needs to be twisted open or cut with scissors. Once the capsule has been opened, the serum can be squeezed out of the capsule with light pressure, applied to the cleansed skin and patted in. The skin feels luxurious and saturated. The pleasant texture of the serum is very economical and makes the skin smooth and supple-soft. The care capsules are also suitable for hand luggage and are therefore a great companion when traveling.