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Sunshine Collection

Sunshine Summer 2019/2020 is the new PaolaP summer collection. The light breeze that caresses your skin and the warm sunshine that illuminates it are encompassed in this collection that is just waiting to be discovered.

Give your eyelids depth with an intense shade of hazelnut, a new hue of Easyshadow cream eye shadow; your bronze suntan is intensified with Tan Celebrate, a cream tan enhancer with a satin finish; your facial features are defined with the new Baked Duo, a bronzer two shades: the first, darker and matte, for sculpting the sides of your face; the second, light and with a satin finish, for highlighting your cheekbones, eyelids and cupid's bow.

Depending on your style, for your lips you can opt for either Paint4Lips in the shades nude, cyclamen pink or coral red, combined with the waterproof Timeless Lip Pencil, or for Sunshield Balm, a delicately scented, moisturising, emollient lip balm with sun filter.


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