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Waxing at the nail table

Immediately after the manicure , your customer can book a forearm waxing as an additional service. She can also come to your salon just for the forearm waxing.

The forearm waxing goes great with the manicure, because the treatment no longer ends at the wrists, but extends up to the elbows.

First, however, while the hands are still in the foreground and the forearms are exposed, you can look at the arm hair with your customer and discuss together whether it should be removed after the manicure.

Why always offer hand peeling, creams or masks? A forearm wax is a great perk. Neither customer nor nail designer have to leave the nail table, the forearms can be waxed directly at the table.

The equipment is also manageable and the time commitment is minimal.

When buying a cartridge heater, you should make sure that works well with wax you are using, as correct temperature is absolutely essential .

If you can heat several cartridges in the device at the same time, great - then you are on the safe side and can use another cartridge directly if the first one is already running out. The consistency of the wax should be nice and thin so that it can be applied easily and comfortably.

The pre- and after-treatment products are used to clean and lightly disinfect the skin and to subsequently care for and relax the skin. They should smell pleasant, because that's what our customers love.

Most wholesalers offer ready-made starter sets. It contains everything you need to start waxing straight away.


  • cartridge heater

  • cartridges

  • Pre and post treatment products

  • non-woven strips

  • Wax solvent equipment cleaner

Do you need a training?

Forearm waxing requires comparatively little waxing know-how. It is much easier to carry out than armpit, face or even intimate waxing. If you only want to add lower arms as an additional service to your offer portfolio, you do not need any training. If you have developed a taste for depilation and would like to offer further waxing treatments in the future, you should book a day course with your supplier.


Cost of material and time ( including post- cleaning) $ 1.6

On average, you use about 10 to 15 grams of wax from the cartridge for a forearm waxing. In addition, about 2 to 3 drops each of the pre- and after-treatment products. To remove the wax you need 1 to 2 fleece strips. That is a material usage of 40-45 cents per customer. The forearm waxing is done in a flash. With practice, it only takes about 2 to 3 minutes per arm.

10 minutes at a recommended service price of $2/min 10 minutes x $2.00= $20.00

Minimum price $21.60

Recommended retail price incl. GST $25.00


If you are wearing gloves when waxing forearms, it is suggested to wear vinyl gloves. Nitrile gloves are like stopper socks and this is counterproductive when waxing. They don't slide well on the fleece strip. Vinyl gloves, on the other hand, simply let your hands slide over the fleece strip. This makes working a lot more pleasant. If you still work with nitrile gloves, you can put two drops of oil on your hands. Then nitrile gloves glide better.

Hygiene at the cartridges

After the forearm waxing, the cartridges are cleaned with a few drops of device cleaner on a fleece strip. The cartridges are then sprayed with a surface disinfectant and placed damp in the heater. This gives the disinfectant time to work. Now the cartridge can be used without hesitation on the next customer.


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