We always have a hard time resisting the temptations of winter.

Somehow, short, rainy and cold days put another 2-3kg on our conscience and suddenly spring is just around the corner and a little voice in our head asks: What was that again about your bikini body?

It is about time we quit this mind game!

Nobody is perfect – and that is simply fine

If last year showed us anything, it was first and foremost that health is the most important thing in our life.

People who feel good in their skin and are happy and radiate these qualities.

People with a positive aura automatically look much more attractive to us.

With our amazing offer this winter, you can treat your clinets with what is good for them and their body.

Back Massage

Completly relaxed

Winter is the time of inner contemplation and comfort. 

The longer winter lasts, however, the lower our vitality becomes. Massage techniques can effectively help to increase well-being.

Introducing : rich and unctuous professional Modeling Face & Body Cream by BeautyMed, France.


The modeling helps to stimulate the tissues and to favour the penetration of the actives in the epidermis, while firming the skin up.


During a massage, the cream warms and starts to melt into the skin, providing a lasting silky effect.

peeling aha or pha.jpg


Peeling - what a feeling!

Peelings ensure soft skin and a clear complexion and are therefore

a long-term beauty therapy favorite