Ampoules - the absolute active ingredient boosters!

Discover our ampoule selection –
individually for your skin requirements!


Ampoules are the special unit with immediate effect,small miracle weapons - if something is special or if the skin needs a cure. 

Active ingredients have been very highly sealed in the small ampoule. The elixirs in the ampoules are designed in such a way that they can react very quickly in the skin.


They fight visible signs of: Stress,Lack of moisture,Wrinkles or Impurities. 

Ampoules should be the best sellers in salons: 
The effect, the special packaging and the good value for money make it an ideal "take-home product". 
The ampoules we offer are designed as a weekly course, so each carton contains seven ampoules for a one-week application. 

Ampoules are re-closable, just turn the stopper and close again.​


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TOP Line waxes by Italwax

Modern technologies have created an innovative hybrid product, different from
all the waxes.

Specially created for sensitive skin

Italwax Top Line is a premium level Synthetic PolymerWax. SP Wax is intended to be used for hair removal on delicate areas.Wax is free of natural pine resin being the perfect choice for delicate skin types
No more leaking
Finally a cartridge that does not leak in any position,
guarantying maximum security during shipping. With Italwax Top Line cartridges you can forget about storage challenges and messy shelves.

Removes the shortest and stubborn hairs 
Italwax Top Line warm wax hybrid texture captures even the 1 mm long pre shaved hairs.
Discover our step-by-step procedure to remove even the shortest hairs in practical and fast way.


Teens Beauty Start

Beauty treatments for teenagers. 

Offer professional treatment & advise at a reasonable price.

Teenagers learn all about essential cosmetics, tips & tricks and can find their individual skin care solution.

Facial & home care products offer.

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