Facial treatment for teenagers only

With puberty, most teens get their first skin problems such as impurities and oily skin. This is the perfect time to teach them the right skincare routine. This includes regular visits at the Beautician to intensively cleanse and care for the skin.


As they usually have no regular income, there needs to be an attractive offer for their first skincare treatments. For this purpose, Dr med Schrammek Company  created the Teens Beauty Start Treatment. 

With a price of $44.00 per treatment, it is an affordable price for the young students.

Additionally, the the Home Care Set including the new Clear Skin Silver Fluid is at really good price. Home Care Set recommended retail price $75.


To order products for this treatment and home care set, click here. 

Treatment products:
• Deep Pore Cleanser
• Herbal Care Lotion
• Super Enzyme Peeling or Enzyme Regulating Cream & Peeling
• Black Clearing Mask
• Special Regulating Cream
• Blemish Balm
Home Care:
"Hello Beauty” beauty bag  containing:

- Soft Foam Cleanser/ Deep Pore Cleanser 50 ml
- Herbal Care Lotion 50 ml
- Clear Skin Silver Fluid

- Blemish Balm 15 ml

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