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Booster for professional instrument based treatment

New, effective and professional size exclusive!

The Beauty Elements product line of derma.cosmetics is now being complemented with exclusive ingredient boosters for instrument-based applications in professional cosmetics.

The basis of the 4 exclusive boosters has been reduced to essential, high-quality ingredients to introduce only gentle and clean formulations deep into the skin. Each booster contains tailored, high-quality, and highly-dosed ingredients that can be used for a variety of skin needs and problems.

Glow Booster

For radiance in apparative applications

• Stimulates collagen synthesis

• Brightening

• Smoothing

• Vitalising

Hydration Booster 

For skin moisture in apparative applications

• Intensively moisturising and moisture preserving

• Plumping

• Wrinkle reducing

Lifting Booster

For skin firming in apparative applications

• Smoothing

• Firming

• Wrinkle reducing

Rebuild Booster

For depth build-up in apparative applications

• Repairing

• Restorative and regenerating

• Stimulating

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