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GREEN PEEL® holistic detox programs are offered only by certified cosmetologists and doctors in specialized medical centers or beauty salons around the world.


GREEN PEEL® programs quickly and effectively deal with various skin problems and help to obtain perfect, healthy skin, while ensuring that there are no contraindications and side effects.

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For professionals treatments only. 

Get to know new derma.cosmetics treatments  that will surprise your customers  in a very special way.

 Tailored to the skin needs of your clients, you can provide them with a healthy and beautiful skin appearance thanks to individual treatment applications.

Besides in-depth cosmetic knowledge and the ability to determine skin conditions, a repertoire of treatments is the basis for your success. With this treatment brochure, you get a detailed overview of our highly effective derma.cosmetics treatments.


Based on the latest dermatological findings, these cosmetic treatments are well suited for individual problem solving of diverse skin conditions.

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Solutions for all type of dermo-cosmetics needs.

Product formulas are creative and forefront of the latest cosmetics innovation. 

Coloring and fragnance free., prioritizing ingredients from natural origin.

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