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Acne Scars

1. How does this flaw arise? The cause of acne scars often lies in the severity of the disease or in unprofessional treatment of pimples and pustules, often caused by self-treatment "expressing". The inflamed, pus-filled blisters and lumps of acne often lead to tissue defects, which then heal with scarring. Acne scars are most often atrophic scars, meaning they are below the skin level. 2. Which care products and ingredients help? Green Peel has prove visible results after only one treatment. This herbal treatment will support the tissue regeneration and the absorption of the active ingredients.

Both images: Green Peel before and after one Classic treatment Instrument Based Treatments: Suitable active ingredients can be introduced deeper into the tissue using ultrasound. After a few weeks even hardened / older scars can become more elastic and less noticeable. Conclusion: After the wound has healed and acne has subsided, the scar tissue should be supplied with natural oils. The outer barrier layer remains supple, the tissue is soft, does not dry out and this can flatten scars. If larger scars are noticeable due to a strong color difference, good results can be achieved with permanent make-up. 3. Which effects are realistic? The pigmentation matches the color of the skin and scar. The scar takes a back seat. In addition to the visible efflorescences (pimples, pustules), scars put additional stress on those affected. Therefore, prevention of inflammation and scarring plays an essential role. With early professional treatment of the inflammatory processes, both can be prevented very well. Dr med Schrammek Cosmetics specializes in skin problems and with Green Peel method it is the world leader for problem skin For more information on Green Peel:


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