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Alginate Peel Off Masks by BeautyMed, France

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

These masks complement all skincare regimes.

Alginate masks would effectively revitalize and moisturize skin, improve circulation, tighten loose skin, reduce pore size, lessen puffiness and calm down skin after aggressive skin treatments.

  • Alginate masks can be combined with any active formulation, facilitating the absorption of active components into the skin, and therefore can be used in many types of beauty treatments and procedures. They work well with mesotherapy, ultrasound, electrophoresis…

Properties of Alginate

  • The main component of the alginate mask is algin - sodium alginate or sodium salt of alginic acid- a compound obtained from marine brown algae

  • Another component is calcium sulfate

  • When mix with water, these two powdered compounds form a hydrocolloid gel, which becomes a vessel for active ingredients, allowing their slow migration into skin

  • Because alginate masks have a high water content, they quickly restore skin hydration, which in turn results in a remarkable improvement of the skin’s appearance

  • At the same time, this method of express moisturizing is superior to paraffin masks or mineral oils, since algin allows easy oxygen exchange and help absorbs and remove toxins from the skin's surface

Alginate masks are also known as modeling, rubber or plastifying masks. It means that soon after applying, the mask sets, following facial contours. The mask remains plastic, so it doesn’t cause any discomfort and peels off easily in a single layer.

  • No gauze is needed as the mask can be applied directly over the eyes and lips

  • The mask is activated by mixing the powder with water at room temp. It is removed after 10-15min. There is little or no residue left to clean off the face

  • Thus, alginate allows the masks to perfectly fit into the shape of the face and body


  • Alginate masks are natural beauty treatments that provide fast and impressive results

  • Erasing fine wrinkles

  • Tightening and firming the skin

  • Increasing its elasticity, and radiant look


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