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Better Aging


We cannot stop time. However, we can control the signs of time, especially with the help of dermatological active ingredient care!

The successful TIME CONTROL premium line is therefore supplemented by an innovative bi-phase ampoule treatment! From the age of about 45, mature skin needs that extra bit of care to counteract natural skin aging and reduce signs that have already developed, such as wrinkles and loss of elasticity. A well-balanced care routine consisting of day and night cream, serums and eye care is an effective basis for active and beautifully groomed skin in the long term.

But as the years go by, the skin needs additional intensive care, certainly several times a year, to boost repair mechanisms, smooth and build up the skin and let it glow again. This is because internal factors such as genes or hormones, but also external factors such as UV radiation and smoking, influence skin aging (atrophy) with increasing age.

Important: Studies have shown that about 20% of skin aging is caused by internal (intrinsic) factors and about 80% by external (extrinsic) factors! This means that we can do something against skin aging, through a healthy lifestyle and targeted, regenerating and protective care! With mature skin, there is a natural decrease in many important skin functions: Cell activity decreases, cell division and regeneration slow down and the production of collagen, elastin and lipids decreases. In addition, there is a breakdown of collagen and elastic fibres. The nutrient supply of the cells decreases and the sebum production decreases. The moisture-binding capacity is greatly reduced. The skin becomes dry, is significantly thinner than in youth and wrinkles form faster and deeper.

TIME CONTROL Intense Lifting is a luxurious multi-stage anti-aging booster that targets all points of skin aging. A premium problem solver, specifically effective for demanding skin and visible signs of time - in a unique bi-phase formulation (2 phases). The first-class combination of active ingredients reduces pronounced wrinkles and makes the skin appear smoother and firmer again.

"We have implemented the effect of the concentrate on the one hand through the proven lead active ingredients of the TIME CONTROL series (matrix peptides, Vitanol®BIO, Aquaxyl®) and on the other hand through a synergistic combination of other effective and well-proven ingredients to develop an effective multi-stage complex," say dermatologists Dr. med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio and Christina Drusio.

In addition to the wrinkle-smoothing effect of the retinol-like substance Vitanol®BIO and the "skin builder" Matrixyl Synthe 6, a "botox-like" active ingredient also supports the relaxation of facial expressions. In addition, collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid achieve an even more intensive smoothing effect and firming of the skin.

In addition, the bi-phase ampoule has another highlight: the 2-phase texture contains not only the water-soluble active ingredients of a concentrate but also the power of natural oils that provide important lipids. This not only creates an incomparably velvety skin feeling that lasts all day. Mature skin is also increasingly characterised by lipid degradation. This lipid loss affects the skin's natural protective barrier, leading to a loss of suppleness as well as visible skin aging. The special oil combination restores important lipids. Amaranth, jojoba and almond oil are quickly absorbed and leave the skin feeling velvety soft without any irritating oil sheen. "The phases are freshly mixed before use, so we completely avoid emulsifiers in the formula and focus on the pure power of the active ingredients."

The highly effective bi-phase ampoule treatment is a luxurious skincare ritual for demanding skin.


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