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Bio-Cellulose-Masks as a carrier material for natural active ingredients?

Nature is regarded as a model for the development of new materials or as a depot for numerous healing active ingredients. So it makes sense to combine natural materials and active ingredients in the field of cosmetics as well.

An example of this areBio-Cellulose-Face masks.

They are extremely hydrophobic and have an impressive water-binding capacity with a storage capacity of up to 100 times their own weight.

Despite their fine fibers, they are tear-resistant and elastic at the same time. In addition, hygienic andbiologically degradable. These properties make them an ideal carrier for active ingredients in cosmetics. They get their special properties from the special manufacturing process.

Making the Bio-Cellulose-Masks

The coconut, whose coconut water goes through a fermentation process, serves as the raw material. The result is a coherent fleece, the fibers of which are 1,000 times thinner than a human hair. This extremely fine network structure stores moisture for an exceptionally long time and releases it constantly and evenly to the skin. The tightly interwoven fibers are arranged in a three-dimensional structure (middle picture). As a result, the fleece lays perfectly in every depression in the skin relief and hugs like a second skin.

Use in cosmetics

The application of the fleece is easy. The fleece for the face is already pre-cut and provided with eye, nose and mouth openings and soaked with active ingredients, individually and sterile packed. After removing a protective layer of thin gauze, the fleece is simply placed on top and smoothed out. Another thin gauze on the other side is peeled off. The special material makes it possible, despite the extreme humidity, to be pulled and shifted and thus precisely positioned. The duration of use is extraordinarily long, depending on the treatment, even after almost an hour of use with manual massage or the use of an ultrasound head on the mask, the material still has moisture. Remaining serum on the skin is not cleaned off, but simply massaged in,

In combination with instrument-based treatments

Depending on the combination with or without equipment, the mask can be used once or twice a week, for example as part of an anti-aging cure in the institute. Demanding skin in need of regeneration in particular benefits from the intensity of moisture and active ingredients in order to obtain a smoother and firmer complexion. However, sensitive skin that is prone to reddening is also soothed and protected if it is also soaked with the appropriate active ingredients.

“Deep Treatment ” - treatment using equipment plus an active ingredient mask

When using high or low frequency ultrasound, it is possible to work on the mask without contact gel . The particularly intensive skin contact, combined with the high surface moisture, enables sound to be transmitted.

"After Treatment " - active ingredient mask after an instrument treatment

The high moisture content and the gel-like structure cause a certain degree of evaporation cold, which cools and soothes the skin, especially in summer or after an apparatus application such as microdermabrasion, radio frequency or microneedling. Redness and possible swellings are thus minimized. The cooling effect can be enhanced by storing the packaged masks in the refrigerator. Due to their special properties and the high hygienic standard, they are also very suitable for follow-up treatment after cosmetic surgery.

"Manual Treatment " - manual treatment plus active ingredient mask

As a pure active ingredient fleece, it constantly releases active ingredients to the skin and can be used instead of an ampoule or serum. The smooth, gel-like surface and the application in every depression of the skin relief - the mask literally sticks to the skin - even enable manual massage, pressure point massage or manual lymphatic drainage. Additional oils or massage creams are not necessary. If necessary, the masks in the pack can be warmed up in a warm water bath or a compress warmer. A hot stone or gemstone massage carried out on top offers a unique feel-good experience.

Active ingredients and excipients

The carrier Celluloseis always the same, only the active ingredients differ depending on the treatment and the complexion. There are, for example, hyaluronic acid, collagen, algae, Q10, caviar, chamomile, aloe vera, etc.

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