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Buttocks pimples


Customers usually come to the cosmetic salon for a facial., but that could change in the future because treatments for the buttocks are the new trend.

​Blackheads, pimples, pustules or even acne are unfortunately not limited to the face. The back and bottom are also prone to blemishes. For that reason, Anti-"Buttne" (a word combination of" Butt " and" Acne ") treatment is not uncommon and no longer a taboo subject, although many customers are still very embarrassed about the pimple bottom problem.

The backside has been the media focus for a few years now. Lush breasts used to be the eye-catcher, but currently, it is (additionally) a firm, plump bottom. If someone is not ready for intensive daily training, can have "Brazilian butt lifting” - popular and widely promoted among hip-hop stars, celebrities and mega-influencers,

What causes Buttne?

Clogged pores are responsible for blemishes on the backside. They can be caused by sebum production, a cornification disorder or dead skin cells which are not removed.

Bacteria will start inflammatory processes, which can also be painful. But what are the reasons for clogged pores on the buttocks?

  • It usually starts with clothes that are too tight. If sweat is added then itching, irritation and inflammation can be much higher. The risk for Buttne increases again significantly if the clothing is made of synthetic material because you sweat much more if you are not wearing natural fibres such as bamboo and cotton.

  • Another cause of pimples on the buttocks can be contact allergies. Either on dyes in clothing - such as in black jeans, but also a detergent can trigger an allergic reaction.

  • A persistently poor diet with too much wheat flour, fat, sugar and cow's milk products can also have counterproductive effects on the skin and promote blemishes. For a beautiful, pure complexion it is much better to consume plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, fibre and two litres of water or unsweetened tea per day.

  • Poor personal hygiene can also be the cause of inflammation. The bottom is often neglected during daily cleaning,

Buttne treatments

Once there, treating Buttne would take patience and the right consistent care to get rid of it. Now the therapist and client should work hand in hand.

  1. Mechanical peelings with sea salt have also proven effective for purulent inflammation. Sea salt is rich in sodium chloride, which dries out oily skin and reduces inflammation. Minerals, trace elements and iodine help heal irritated skin. (Exfoliating Marine Salt)

  2. After mechanical peeling, clean the area with a cleanser ( Super Soft Cleanser) and toner ( Herbal Care Lotion)

  3. A mask can now be applied for extra care. You can choose between cleansing masks or nourishing masks, which must be decided individually depending on the condition of the skin. Masks with activated charcoal ( Black Clearing mask) or clay mask ( Marine Clay Mask) provide a clearing detox effect. To make the skin velvety soft, you can use masks with moisturizing active ingredients, but not too rich ( Hydra Max Mask). A simple suggestion: just apply a thick layer of Manuka honey, as it has a very high concentration of methylglyoxal (MGO), which has an antibacterial and antiseptic effect and at the same time moisturizes the skin.

  4. At the end of the treatment, you can now apply an ampoule ( Impurity Control Ampoules) or cream. This should ideally contain azelaic acid, glycolic acid or salicylic acid as well as calming ingredients such as panthenol, aloe vera, bisabolol, calendula extract or chamomile oil. Alternatively, an antiseptic zinc ointment is also suitable, which uses zinc oxide to dry out the pimples and allow them to heal quickly (Blemish Balm Snow)

Remove pimple marks

Although the skin on the buttocks is not as sensitive as on the face, pimple marks and scars can also appear there. If your customers are bothered by the reddish-brown discolouration of their skin, they can try to lighten them first with simple methods, such as treatment with fruit acid peeling or Green Peel.

Advise the customer to buy a high-dose serum with vitamin C ( Mela White C Serum) that gently fades pimple marks and scars. If the scars are not only superficial, you can work with microdermabrasion - but laser treatment or micro-needling are also options for long-term success.

For GREEN PEEL® trained therapists - a simple and effective solution is always GREEN PEEL® treatment. As per the above images, amazing results after just one treatment.

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