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Do you know how to use Perlucine marine clay mask?

Clay masks are on the rise, they are widely used in cosmetics because they can be very effective when applied correctly. We explain all the secrets of this essential treatment 😊

There are several clays , including two main families: terrestrial clays and marine clay . One comes from rocks, the other comes from the sea. Regarding terrestrial clay, there are several colors, green and white being the best known. Green clay is recommended for oily skin, while white clay is suitable for sensitive skin because it is very soft.

Perlucine marine clay, from an old salt marsh near the village of Moutiers-en-Retz, also has many virtues on the skin and body: it helps regenerate tissue, remineralize the epidermis, absorb toxins and cleanse acne-prone skin!

The Perlucine marine clay mask can be applied to the body and face.

  • On the face: pour a little clay powder into a bowl ( do not contain or handle the clay with metal objects so as not to lose its virtues!) and add the water gradually until you obtain a creamy paste. Then, using your spatula, spread the clay in a thick layer on your face, avoiding the eye area (a thick layer will prevent the clay from drying too quickly and causing it to feel tight). Leave the clay on for 15-20 minutes, until the mask is slightly dry around the edges but not completely dry so as not to dry out the skin. Rinse, then apply a moisturizer to reinforce the protective barrier of your skin. The result of this treatment is immediate: the complexion is fresh and luminous.

  • Clay wrap on the body, perfect for detoxifying and purifying the body! The mask can be used on the areas to be relieved, for a soothing, relaxing and remineralising action. Apply directly to targeted areas in a thick layer so it doesn't dry out too quickly. Wrap in a film for a better action of the active ingredients and leave to act for at least 20 minutes. Rinse with water and enjoy maximum muscle relaxation! To complete this body treatment, don't hesitate to apply our nourishing balm or oil to sublimate your skin and leave it soft and delicately scented!

You understood, the marine clay mask is a miracle treatment that does a lot of good and has many benefits that you will love. And in addition the Perlucine care is 100 % natural 🌿

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