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Happy Birthday,Blemish Balm!


In 1967, skin care professional and business founder Christine Schrammek invented the first tinted cream against blemishes - the Original Blemish Balm. Today, our Blemish Balm is still considered the mother of all BB creams and the basis for the trend that is still going strong, with worldwide success.

Christine Schrammek had been looking for a suitable product that could be applied directly after the GREEN PEEL® herbal peeling treatment which she had developed. No product at that time was 100 percent suitable and for this reason Christine Schrammek decided to develop an appropriate cream herself based on the specific requirements and benefits to the skin that she had in mind. Her goal: a product that would not only conceal redness and impurities, but would also have an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, so that, above all, the skin could be effectively treated after the GREEN PEEL® application and the skin protected with valuable ingredients. The highly effective formula is capable of easily concealing impurities, has a regulating effect and because of this, over time, the multi-talent BB became the go-to treatment product for all skin concerns.

Today, 55 years later, our Blemish Balm is still one of the favourites amongst our customers worldwide. The path to international fame The commemorative success story began in Essen and first found its way to Korea. This was not an intentional choice at the time, the Blemish Balm just happened to be taken home by many Korean nurses who worked in Germany at the time.

Although not originally developed for the Asian market, the Blemish Balm was the solution to a very common skin problem for many Asians: blemished skin. Subsequently, a BB Boom followed in both Korea and Japan and shortly afterwards, Blemish Balm was called the BB Cream and the term for a new product category was born.

"We didn't realise at the time that we were holding a future product icon in our hands, which would later become the eponym for an entire product category. However, when we applied it, we quickly realised that our Blemish Balm had many more qualities and possibilities. And so, the success story took its course. Today, a Dr. med. Schrammek Blemish Balm is sold every 4 minutes worldwide. Over the years, I have continuously developed the original product and adapted it to current research findings." explains Dr. med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio, dermatologist, allergist, and anti-aging expert

Blemish Balm was specially developed for the care of irritated, enlarged pores and blemished skin. Redness and impurities quickly disappear and can be optimally covered by the coordinated colour shades.

Unbeaten in popularity and quality, the original gently mattifies and leaves a pleasant, non-greasy skin feeling.

Application: Selectively apply the Blemish Balm to pimples, insect bites or small wounds. Alternatively, apply it all over the face as a medium to high coverage make-up which will also guard and care for the skin.

Blemish Balm

✓Covers impurities, blemishes, scars andpigment disorders

✓Has a calming, regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect

✓Reduces skin problems and redness

✓Protects against environmental influences

✓Reduces itching, for example after insect bites

✓Also suitable for sensitive skin

✓Helps to combat pustules specifically

✓For a perfect, even, radiant complexion

✓Helps to prevent the formation of new impurities without drying out the skin

✓Can be applied on complete face or partiall

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