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Ice Balls massage

BOULE FREEZER- a hermetically-sealed PYREX glass ball containing a non-usable cooling liquid (non- toxic and not to be applied as a cosmetic) capable of cooling down completely and maintaining the low temperature for quite a long time (around 20 minutes).

The materials and shape are the result of selective studies and research that have allowed obtaining a product with the following characteristics:

•It does not cause frost burns (as occurred in the past for ice)

•It is a bad conductor of heat and, with regards to the type of use, guarantees safe hygienic standards

•The liquid inside the ball has combined characteristics that guarantee maximum safety if broken or if the temperature drops below 60° (a common antifreeze product is unable to meet these requirements)

•Since it is subjected to long cooling periods, the handle of the ball is specially designed to prevent frost burns when used and to last over time without damaging.


In addition to the excellent toning effect, the BOULE FREEZER can also be used for allowing cosmetic serums and creams to penetrate into the skin quickly and effectively. It is a well-known fact that there are many different methods to aid the skin absorption of cosmetic substances, but the BOULE FREEZER is surely the most harmless and most effective because it makes use of biophysical principles based on skin constriction and heat transfer. To absorb the cosmetic products, first apply the product evenly and gently massage it into the interested area (a natural absorption that however leaves most of the product on the surface of the skin).Then apply the cooled BOULE FREEZER. This allows closing the pores and favours heat transfer on the skin surface due to the two diametrically opposite temperatures (body temperature of +36° and ball temperature of -20 to -30°) and the consequent expansion of the penetration canal (e.g. pores). This small expansion allows the product to penetrate more effectively, and generates a forced microcirculation inside the tissues for a more rapid and complete absorption. Therefore, the advantages and benefits are much greater than those of any other manual and mechanical penetration method. The BOULE FREEZER is particularly effective in treating rashes, toning skin and reducing cellulite. It also has a noticeable relaxing effect on tight muscles, especially in the neck area.


• Suitable for toning various body parts, in particular the bust

• Has a remodelling effect when used with anti-cellulite products

• Favours deep penetration of the active principles contained in cosmetics

• Soothes skin redness, especially after exposure to the sun

• Eliminates swelling from ankles and sore feet

• Favours relaxation of tight muscles, especially in the neck area


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