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Mallorca acne

Mallorca or spring acne is not “real” acne in the classic sense! The cause for the development is an interaction of UV-A rays with certain emulsifiers or lipids in daily body care products, but also in sun protection products.

Under the influence of UV rays, so-called lipid peroxides can form from your own sebum together with the fat and emulsifier components of the emulsions.

In people who are predisposed to this, these lead to inflammation that has acne-like manifestations.

Very small skin-coloured to reddish nodules can be seen on the skin in sun-exposed areas such as the décolleté, the upper back, also at the shoulder area, the neck and more rarely on the face.

There are no comedones. Those affected often complain of itching.

The skin changes slowly subside as soon as you stop exposing yourself to the sun. Additional keratolytic products – eg with urea – can be used to support this.

Sun protection that contains almost no peroxide-forming substances (such as certain fats and emulsifiers) can be used to prevent this.


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