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Men's business - What the right care for men looks like

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Men's skin is anatomically and hormonally much more robust than women's skin and it is also structured differently: it is thicker (by up to 15-20 per cent) and is, therefore, better protected against external influences such as UV radiation, environmental pollution and temperature fluctuations. It also contains more supportive collagen fibres and thereby retains more moisture. The production of sebum, which is mainly controlled by the male sex hormone testosterone, is much more pronounced than in women's skin and the outer lipid film is therefore more stable. This leads to a favourable water-binding capacity, which makes men's skin appear firmer and tighter.

Nevertheless, men's skin is sensitive, even if it is thicker. Above all, daily shaving represents an enormous challenge for male skin. Wet shaving in particular can lead to irritation, reddening or the formation of pimples.

And it also has larger pores than women's skin and due to the increased activity of the sebaceous glands, men tend to have oily skin more often. In practice, we see impure skin or acne disproportionately often, especially in young men.

Skin type man

Impure skin and inflammation are the disadvantages that the structure and hormonal influence of men's skin can bring. The advantage, however, is clearly that wrinkles do not appear as quickly with age. Men's and women's skin ages differently and men's skin quite slowly. Male (testosterone) and female (estrogen and progesterone) hormones influence skin texture and the aging process.

The drop in estrogen levels, which occurs in women from the age of 30 and increases rapidly with menopause, leads to thinner skin, loss of collagen and elastin fibres and the associated loss of elasticity.

In men, hormone levels decrease much more slowly and age-related changes in the skin progress much more slowly.

Male skin needs

Against this background, it is obvious that male skin naturally needs different skin care than female skin. Unfortunately, it still happens that men use their wives' cosmetic products for facial care, among other things - with visible consequences: Because too rich, unsuitable products can impede the flow of sebum and lead to the formation of impurities.

The fact is that the texture of men's skin does in fact place special demands on the daily care routine. What is more, the needs and desires of men are primarily different from those of women. They are less worried about aging. As described, they have a stable network of strengthening fibres and age more slowly. In addition, it is said that men even become more attractive over the years.

However, people want their skin to look clear and free from redness, broken veins, an oily sheen, and blemishes. The men's care focus is therefore not on anti-aging products - for traditional reasons, the exchange about aging and the effective measures against it is more likely to be found among women. Rather, they value daily moisturizing and pore-refining care. Coupled with a pleasantly light texture, nourishing and non-greasy. Nothing is more annoying for men than oil shining on the face or beard. He therefore relies on effective care with a high proportion of active ingredients, which is also very well absorbed and is also ideal for the beard without giving it an oily sheen. Enriched hydrogels, cream gels or fluids are ideal. So that things are quick and uncomplicated, all-in-one products, in particular, are among the absolute favourites of men. Such Power Fluids stand for concentrated care in just one product. They combine everything a man needs to care for the skin in an uncomplicated and efficient manner.

The right skin care for skin cleansing

First of all, as with any skin, cleaning comes first. It forms the basis of good care, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman. The face and also the beard must be cleaned thoroughly, because there are sebaceous glands around each hair whose sebum (sebum) can clog the pores and is a breeding ground for bacteria. Coordinated foamer products regulate the flow of sebum, clean intensively, are gentle on the skin and do not dry it out. The following products can only work properly on clean skin.

The well-groomed man: More understanding for home care

The proportion of men who use professional treatments at the beautician is constantly increasing. This results in good opportunities to explain other necessary care steps (in addition to daily moisturizing care), for example.

The additional care step of cleaning, for example, often has to be explained to men. Despite all the beauty education and modernity in terms of complete home care, men still need to be informed intensively: Why is a cleansing product necessary for the skin and why is water alone not enough? This can be illustrated very well using the example of dirty dishes (which only get clean with clear water) and leads to understanding and appropriate implementation.

Or why eye care? Here, too, the time of the treatment can be used to show the needs of the eye area and also to show a product or how the skin feels directly. The male sex prefers to care for the eye area with a refreshing, cooling texture. This gives the look freshness and application is quick and easy. Once he has felt this during the treatment, the daily care step for the eyes is understood and implemented.

Soothing, but also antibacterial, anti-inflammatory gels should be recommended for direct care after shaving. Because these relieve irritation and redness and prevent unwanted "roll hair" and inflammation. There are already special gels that are used as a cleaning step. With an application two to three times a week, they ensure an ideal skin condition after shaving.

Tip: The daily home care products should not go beyond cleaning, shaving, daycare and eye care. The 7 skincare steps that are spilling over from Asia are overwhelming and counterproductive. It would be too time-consuming and complicated so the fun of skincare would be lost.

  1. Immediately vital, radiant and fresh skin.

  2. Energizing, strengthening.

  3. Ultra-light: invigorating without being greasy or shiny.

  4. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.

  5. Perfect after shaving to soothe the skin.

  6. Also suitable for bearded people.

  7. Subtle fragrance can be combined with any aftershave.

Male care routine for well-groomed skin

Once male customers are convinced of their grooming routine, they are the most loyal and reliable customers. They no longer deviate so quickly from products they know. And that's good because frequent product changes are disruptive factors in men's skin. They lead to breakouts and inflammation.

Top 4 grooming mistakes at home:

  1. Do not cleanse your skin during your facial care routine, as this leads to blemishes in the long run.

  2. Do not use your wife's/girlfriend's cream because products that are often too rich lead to a shiny complexion and impurities.

  3. Do not use men's care products at all, as this dries out the skin and makes it look sallow and unkempt.

  4. Do not use UV protection. Some men think they are stronger than the sun, far from it! Sunburn doesn't look pretty, promotes skin aging and wrinkles and carries the risk of developing skin cancer.

Article by Dr med Christine Schrammek


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