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Pedicure with Paraffin

Heat treatments have not only proven themselves in foot care in the cold winter months. Applications with paraffin belong to the superficial heat methods (moist heat treatments), so you should avoid such a treatment for customers who have skin diseases or open wounds. In individual cases, however, surface heat and deep heat can also be combined well, e.g. paraffin treatment can be offered together with an infrared treatment, which stimulates blood flow to the skin and muscles. Properties of paraffin Paraffin has a strong heat storage capacity but poor thermal conductivity, which means that the thermal energy in the paraffin wax is stored for a long time and is only released into the body gradually. That also explains why some customers rely on a paraffin care react less sensitively than, for example, to a warm foot bath at a similar temperature.

The paraffin is melted at a maximum of 50 degrees Celsius for approx. 90 minutes (see the respective instructions for use of the devices). Despite the relatively high temperature, there are no burns when touching the skin, because paraffin wax has a very special property.

Between the paraffin and the skin forms an air layer that has a heat-insulating effect. That makes paraffin interesting applications in both cosmetics and medicine.

Luxury care with paraffin The market holds up paraffin available in different fragrances (both in colored-fruity and chocolate-brown or white colors). With this selection of different paraffin grow you can create very different care treatments. How about a white orchid application, for example? The feet are first bathed and flaked skin is removed with a granular peeling. A high-quality care mask supplies the skin of the feet with moisture. Then the feet are coated two or three times in paraffin bath.

During the relaxation phase, your feet rest in preheated terrycloth shoes. Alternatively, they can also be wrapped in warm towels. After the exposure time, the cooled down paraffin peeled off and the feet receive an oil massage at the end. You can offer your customers a nice tea to go with the treatment. Cuddle pack as an upgrade Prepare your customers in addition a warming cuddle pack with so-called "hot shoes". These are hot cotton shoes combined with a grain bag. They can be heated quickly and easily in the microwave. With these shoes you can wrap the feet of your customers comfortably warm, for example after a foot care or massage in the resting phase. You can also treat your customers' shoulders and neck areas with a preheated neck compress that gently relieves tension. Back or abdominal compresses are also very pleasant and ensure gentle relaxation. These can also be sprayed with fragrance sprays and thus enchant the senses. These products are also great for sale. Put together small packages that you can supplement with a feel-good tea or a warming foam foot cream and offer them for sale. Cuddly care products for the feet, which you can profitably market as vouchers, are also suitable for the cold days. In addition, think about a pleasant temperature control of your rooms and sweeten the cold winter time with an aroma lamp or scented candles. Then your customers will surely like to stay a little longer and come back regularly.

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