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Perlucine: a range of treatments consisting of marine clay and oyster shells

In 2017, Aquatonale - a biotech company that creates treatments for beauty professionals (thalassotherapy, spas and institutes) - acquired Entre Mer & Terre, a company committed to enhancing the natural marine heritage.

Entre Mer & Terre responds to an environmental approach by giving a second life to mineral raw materials such as oyster shells, mussels, scallops and marine clay.

From this marriage between the two companies emerges the idea of associating cosmetics and oyster shells: this is how Perlucine is born, an innovative range of hygiene and cosmetic care, 100% made in France.

“The Breton coasts offer us very diverse landscapes: rocky and walked, bays of fine sand, wild coves or cliffs with golden reflections ... My favorite is a huge beach covered with wild oyster shells, those that are born and die naturally. in the ocean and run aground on the beaches as far as the eye can see during high tides. Of a purity and a dazzling whiteness, they contrast with the blues of the sea and the skies. My dream: to enhance this present from the ocean in a natural cosmetic range! It is therefore from this new marine resource that we imagined Perlucine. A range of daily care, mainly composed of powder. Products designed to meet the expectations of minds concerned with quality, authenticity and eco-responsibility, ” says Sophie Boutigny, director of Entre Mer & Terre.

Located in Allaire in the heart of the region, Entre Mer & Terre masters each stage of product design: from development to packaging, including formulation and manufacturing.

Local and natural raw materials

The marine clay and oyster shell used are 100% Breton and Cosmos approved. Entre Mer & Terre works with associations and local partners in order to harvest them.

The marine clay is extracted in an old salt marsh near the village of Moutiers-en-Retz. Formed for thousands of years, this deposit enriched with sea water is particularly provided with mineral salts and trace elements. According to the company, it constitutes a mineral resource of excellence, with many proven virtues.

Harvested manually on the beaches of the Breton coast, the white oyster shells are washed in clear water before being reduced to powder.

“The Perlucine range reveals an incredible affinity between the sea and the skin. Our treatments nourish, soothe and enhance the epidermis. Our natural ingredients guarantee optimal and safe daily hygiene. The formulas of our products combine simplicity and efficiency. They are short, without preservatives or synthetic perfumes , ”says one within the company.

The products sold are eco-responsible and are part of a “zero waste” approach. Recyclable and natural materials (such as glass, cardboard and wood) were chosen for the packaging.

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