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Professional hair removal for varicose and spider veins

Spider veins and varicose veins are particularly widespread among middle-aged women. But they also hair-free legs.

Do these customers only have to reach for the razor or can we still wax their legs?

If so, which waxes are suitable for this and what should be considered in the work technique?

Spider veins, are tiny, dilated veins that lie directly in the epidermis. Due to their bluish to reddish color, they shimmer clearly visible through the skin. Spider veins occur mainly on the legs and owe their name to their web-like shape, which is reminiscent of a sticks broom. These "mini varicose veins" are considered harmless and generally do not cause any discomfort, they represent more of an aesthetic problem and are usually perceived by our customers as unattractive.

Varicose veins are permanently enlarged, superficial veins that arise when the blood accumulates in them, for example because of weak connective tissue. They can be recognized by the typically blue, knot-shaped snaking, which is particularly visible on the legs.

The so-called varices arise due to bulging of the vessel walls, which causes the affected veins to expand. In many cases, even large and extensive varicose veins do not cause discomfort. If it is more severe, it can also lead to tired, heavy and restless legs, nocturnal calf cramps, itching and swollen legs.

Most customers with spider veins or varicose veins only want leg waxing once or twice a year, often before they go on vacation. Regular waxing throughout the year would be in any case not advisable if they have too many spider veins or if they have advanced varicose veins.

Before waxing

Before we start waxing, we should take a closer look at the spider veins and varicose veins.

A few small spider veins are usually not an obstacle and can be depilated with Top Line syntetic polymer film wax, du to the controled and moderate temperature and very soft pull.

With varicose veins, the matter is a bit more difficult. We can feel it and ask clinet if pressure is uncomfortable. If the varicose veins hurt on pressure, it is suggested not to do any waxing .


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