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Simple and effective please! -Cosmetics for Men

Cosmetics for men – More and more men also go to the professional salons for cosmetic facial treatments. However, men care should meet special requirements. It must be easy to use and effective at the same time.

Less is more: For men in addition, the daily home care products should not go beyond cleaning, shaving, day care and eye care. Because if the care becomes too complex, it will quickly become too much for them.

Male customers are loyal and reliable . Once they are convinced of their care routine, they will not deviate from it so quickly. And that's good, because frequent product changes are a disruptive factor.

Skin structure

What is the men's skin structure, and what is there to consider?

Men Skin has great advantages in terms of aging: it is anatomically and hormonally (higher testosterone content) much more robust than female skin. It is thicker (by up to 15 to 20 percent) and therefore more resistant to external influences such as UV radiation, environmental pollution and temperature fluctuations. Due to the higher proportion of supporting collagen fibers, the skin has good elasticity.

The production of sebum, which is also mainly controlled by the male sex hormone testosterone, is much more pronounced than in women's skin, and the outer lipid film is therefore also stronger. This leads to a favorable water binding capacity, which is the reason that men skin appears plumper and firmer . The latest findings also show that male sex hormones (especially progesterone) are thereforensure that the breakdown of connective tissue is inhibited.

With age, there are significantly fewer wrinkles than in women, and they generally age much more slowly. Male and female hormones influence skin texture and the aging process. The drop in estrogen levels occurs in women from the age of 30 and increases again rapidly with the menopause, which leads to thinning skin, loss of collagen and elastin fibers and the associated loss of elasticity. In comparison, decreases at male testosterone levels creep up with age, and an actual lack of testosterone occurs in middle age rather rarely. This explains why Men Skin ages differently than women's skin.

However, there are also disadvantagesfor men: Overall, the skin has larger pores than women's skin, and the testosterone significantly increases the activity of the sebaceous glands. Therefore there will be increase to oily complexions. In addition, the increased sebum production can lead to impurities and inflammation on the skin, along with other factors. Especially in younger age, we increasingly see impure skin or acne. In addition, their skin is exposed to daily shaving that in particular leades an enormous challenge for the skin. In addition to the mechanical irritation, the skin can be easily injured, with redness, pimples or ingrown (beard) hair often occuring, especially when shaving wet.

Care products for men

Care products for men must therefore be carefully tailored to their needs and formulated in a special way. Unfortunately, it still happens too often that the man simply reaches for the cream of his girlfriend or wife - because it seems so practical. However, these products are usually far too rich for the more sebum-containing skin. As a result, products would be “greasy” or “sticky” on the skin. And even if the application is still pleasant, unsuitable care can quickly lead to blemishes.

Products that have more moisture than oil components are more suitable . The textures must be pleasantly light, for example hydro-gels, cream-gels, serums or fluids, and be quickly absorbed. An effective and highly dosed combination of active ingredients made from hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, niacinamide and natural plant extracts (e.g. ginkgo). for men skin are the best . It revitalizes, moisturizes and cares for sufficient strength.

Ideally, product should be easy to spread, quickly absorbed, does not leave the skin feeling sticky and the beard can also be cared for directly - without the need for an additional product.

When choosing the perfume of the products, care must be taken that it is not too strong or feminine. With regard to the sensitivity of the skin after shaving, it should not contain any perfume allergens that must be declared.

A special focus of "leave on" care products is eye care . she should for men be refreshing and cooling without being greasy. Gel-based eye care products are therefore particularly suitable.

Cleaning the men skin

Proper cleaning is very important step in the care routine. Because the larger and hormonally more active sebaceous glands promote skin shine and impurities. Active washing gels with, for example, menthol, zinc, panthenol and birch extract have a refreshing effect and not only wake you up, but also provide intensive moisture during cleaning. The cleansing is not only an effective freshness kick, it also thoroughly frees the skin and pores from sebum and dirt and thus prevents impurities.

The need for the right cleansing routine is not always important to male clinets. Every

beauty therapist sure knows the questions like “Do I really need a cleaning? Isn't water enough?” Try to explain using the example of a dirty car that cannot be cleaned with clear water . Only when the skin has been freed from sebum, sweat and dirt can it properly absorb care products.

This not only makes cleansing an effective freshness kick, it also thoroughly frees the skin and pores from sebum and dirt, thus preventing impurities.

Sun cream for men

Sun protection is still a topical issue and should be suggested again and again.

Some men sometimes think that the sun cannot harm their "robust" skin and shy away from the "sticky" sunscreen formulas.

But far from it, because sunburn not only looks unhealthy, it also promotes skin aging and the risk of developing skin cancer. Especially with outdoor activities such as swimming, sailing, golfing or even when gardening outdoors, you should pay particular attention to adequate sun protection. There are many innovative products with high SPF that are non-sticky and comfortable to use.

Prevent razor burn with the right cleaning

  • Regular use of special cleaning gels can also prevent razor burn. Because the best remedy for razor burn is to properly prepare the skin for shaving (pre-shave).

  • Mild but deep-acting cleansing gels form the basis together with lukewarm water. The skin is not only optimally cleaned, the whiskers are also softened and straightened. This allows the razor blade to cut them accurately and the razor blades glide better on the skin. Because the blades do not have to be pressed firmly against the skin, unwanted irritation occurs less often and the shaving result is perfected.

  • Soothing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory gels can be used if the corneocytes are inadvertently removed during shaving, resulting in razor burn. With active ingredients such as panthenol, bisabolol or microsilver, they reduce irritation and redness and prevent unwanted "roll hair".

Christina Drusio

The author is part of the owner family and a member of the management of Dr. medical Christine SchrammekCosmeticsGmbH. She is a medical doctorforDermatology and venereology and a valued speaker at international lectures and seminars as a skin expert.

Dr. med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio

The managing director of the Dr. medical Christine Schrammek Cosmetics GmbH is a dermatologist and allergist. As an anti-aging expert, she develops treatment methods, including the "Green Peel" herbal peeling treatment and dermatological care products.


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