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Skin care according to the system - why system care is so important

What does system care actually mean in cosmetics?

Basically, it's easy! System care does not mean that the customer adapts to the care, but that the care adapts to the individual needs of the skin. But how exactly does that work?

A system always follows certain rules and building blocks so that it can function.

In order for products to be able to develop their optimal effect, they must be perfectly matched to both the skin type and each other. This is the only way to support and enhance the efficiency of the results.

If you use system maintenance, you will often come across the term “skin-minimalism” these days. The term stands for fewer active ingredients, which are extremely efficient in high doses. This means that the fewer products you use, the fewer allergies you will have. However, it is not so much the quantity of the products that matter, but rather the ingredients of the products used. One thing is certain: if they are optimally coordinated, the skin will benefit twice over, because there are no unwanted reactions or intolerances, and the ingredients give the skin back what it was missing.

System maintenance products: 1. Cleaning A good cleansing product is essential for beautiful skin. Top skin cells can be loosened, make-up residues removed and the skin optimally prepared for the next care steps.

2. Tonics A tonic has many positive effects on the skin. It balances the pH value, it can protect against impurities and blackheads, it can rid the skin of pollutants and dead skin cells. It purifies the skin. A so-called active tonic ideally prepares the skin for the supply of active ingredients. 3. Exfoliation There are many reasons to use an exfoliant and it is essential to good system maintenance. Because peelings refine the skin's appearance and can contribute to making the skin glow and look healthy in the long term. The right peelings can also work wonders for problems such as impurities and pigment shifts. The right peeling, used correctly, can improve the complexion for a long time.

4. Serum Now comes the heart of every care system: the serum. As a high-dose concentrate, it ensures efficiency and care at the same time. Of course, each active ingredient concentrate or serum must be individually tailored to the skin type and/or the skin's problems. As a highly concentrated intensive care product, it should be used specifically for the zones and needs that are important to you. The correct application also plays an important role here, because highly concentrated products can often be used sparingly. As a result, less can mean more here as well. 5. Mask cure This care step is not absolutely necessary but should be regularly incorporated into a care system or a care routine. Masks are real beautifiers and all-rounders that can do the skin maximum good. 6. Final care In order to complete the treatment in the best possible way and to provide the skin with first-class care, a protective final care product should always be applied. This final care, in turn, should be optimally tailored to the skin type in order to achieve the best possible result for the skin. This also applies to the choice of day and night care. Eye care should also never be neglected, it also belongs in a coordinated care routine. With such a well-rounded care system, every skin is excellently protected and cared for at the same time. The dosage Care systems not only offer the right sequence of products, but with their coordinated active ingredients they are also a guarantee for effective results. Because the more substances we put on the skin "without a system", the more it will show undesirable reactions. Of course, the key to the effectiveness of high-quality substances is their dosage. Only when skin-identical and natural substances are used in high doses can they fulfil their full spectrum of effects? With just a few active ingredients, correctly dosed, and perfectly matched, achieving the best results - that is system care at a high level. Active ingredients with intelligence For a long time, the credo in cosmetics has been that certain substances such as parabens, silicones, paraffins or certain fragrances have no place in good products. This trend is also towards minimalism. Forgoing these critical substances can prevent allergies, redness and reactions and means natural protection for the skin's acid mantle. Natural substances such as vitamins, hyaluronic acid or ceramides are very well suited for this. In general, a care system with the right products is essential for an attractive complexion. The use of good, natural, efficient and lasting active ingredients completes this care system holistically, and you can see that on the skin. If everything is perfectly coordinated with the skin, it can develop ideally. A synergy from which every skin can only benefit.

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