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Dr med Scharmmek Company

The dictionary defines sustainability as follows; "The principle according to which no more may be consumed than can be replenished in the future.”

Responsibility and sustainability therefore start with each one of us.

More than 60 years ago, Christine Schrammek, the founder of our company, was already personally involved with commitment to both community wellbeing and the environment. With a great deal of dedication, she gave young women access to education, enabled disadvantaged individuals to receive training in cosmetics or contributed to charitable organisations such as Kinder in Not (Children in Need) or Friedensdorf Oberhausen (Peace Village Oberhausen) in Germany.

Today, we follow in her footsteps, we now take responsibility and see this as an integral part of our corporate culture. It is particularly important to us to act in a sustainable manner wherever possible, to support local projects regionally, but also, in the case of current events and crises, to take targeted action in accordance with our corporate values.

From production to recycling – we do our best to do our part in the protection of our environment from day to day.

Sustainability is our DNA.


The sustainable and responsible use of our resources is naturally a priority for us. Therefore, we attach great importance on targeted production to avoid unnecessary disposal. Among other things, raw materials from controlled organic cultivation (kba quality) and from sustainable projects have been implemented for production wherever possible. Our products do not contain parabens, mineral oil or microplastics. Of course, we do not test on animals - and by the way: approx. 90% of our products are also suitable for vegans.


Glass instead of plastic jars? Sounds perfectly plausible at first but glass jars are, in most cases less sustainable than plastic, both in production and in recycling. An enormous amount of energy in the form of high temperatures is needed to produce glass. Disposable glass is melted down again after use - this also requires high and thus energy-intensive temperatures of over 1000°C. In addition, the increased weight during transport leads to a worse overall balance than with the use of plastic containers. That is why we are working together with our suppliers to achieve a steadily increasing recycling share for our jars and tubes; for example, we now refrain from adding plastic spatulas to each jar.

More importantly, is the correct recycling cycle. Everyone can contribute to sustainability; the primary containers (tubes, jars) should always be disposed in the yellow bin/ bag and the folding boxes in the wastepaper, so that they can be easily recycled.

Speaking of folding boxes, here too, we pay great attention to sustainability. That is the reason is why they are made entirely from FSC Mix paper and are never cellophanecoated.

The most important thing for us is quality control as well as the safety and protection for our products and customers. We do not compromise here. We actively seek long-term solutions to combine sustainability and our brand philosophy.

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