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Teen Waxing

Young people can now find instructions for perfectly styled eyebrows and hair-free legs in every magazine. There are corresponding videos on Instagram and Youtube. You can buy eyebrow waxing strips or home waxing kits at Amazon for little money.

There are many products and instructions to shape eyebrows or wax smooth skin. Nevertheless, the eyebrows of teenage customers often look tangled - asymmetrical, too thin or just crooked. Well, that's what our generation's eyebrows looked like back then, too. This seems to repeat itself. Waxing with cold wax strips at home also seems to have its limits - and it's quite painful on top of that.


Eyebrows are a huge topic among teens. Thanks to Cara Delevingne and Kylie Jenner, almost all teenagers love dominant, visible brows. These often look natural but are certainly styled by professionals.

It is great when young customers find their way into the beauty salon because they want beautiful eyebrows - in the past, it was pimples, a much more unpleasant and complex topic.

The young people accept the eyebrow styling very well and we should be happy to advise them on this topic. From this moment on, the "I'll pluck something" comes to an end, for which the parents are very grateful because not every young person has a knack for successful eyebrows. From this point on, the teens come regularly and, over time, they often want to have their leg hair waxed as well.

Pubic hair

The pubic hair in the intimate zone begins to grow between the ages of twelve and fourteen. They grow along the pubic mound in the shape of a triangle. They also grow on the labia and can easily spread to the inner thighs and perineum to around the buttock crease.

At the same time, perhaps a little later than in the pubic area, armpit and leg hair grows. How strong the hair grows depends on your personal predisposition. Some get little body hair and others grow profusely and in unpopular places. Dark hairs on the stomach are particularly disturbing in this context, but they can be normal.

Body waxing

Young ladies want to be hair-free in physical education classes and in the swimming pool. They're embarrassed about the hair. Leg hair is downright taboo. Most have already tried to shave or tried out cold wax strips with their friends. Some young ladies are happy with it, while others get razor burns or struggle with itchy, irritated skin.

If the parents are customers themselves, they first find out about waxing for young people. If the parents themselves have had positive experiences with waxing, they will introduce their children to waxing themselves. Almost all young people come regularly for eyebrow waxing. How often young people come to have their legs or armpits waxed depends on how much money they are willing to invest in it. As a rule, the whole family comes for waxing before the holidays.

Bikini waxing

When it comes to pubic hair for teenagers, less is more. Young women in particular have declared war on their pubic hair and ensure a hair-free bikini zone with a regular intimate shave. Most teens are completely shaved or have their sides trimmed. Some of the waxing studios only offer bikini waxing from the age of 16. The younger customers usually have no need for it either. Often the intimate hair outside of the panty area is not yet developed. The demand for intimate waxing comes far after leg, armpit and eyebrow waxing.

At what age can teenagers have waxing done?

Many salons offer waxing from the age of 12. We differentiate between the age group 12 to 16 years and the age group 16 to 18 years.

Adolescents aged 12 to 16 can book all treatments except Brazilian waxing. Before the first waxing, every underage customer must present a signed declaration of consent from their legal guardian. Also, a legal guardian should be present.

However, waxing in the bikini and genital area is usually only offered from age 16. You may also ask for a signed parent declaration when doing bikini/ Brazilian waxing, however, the parents no longer have to be present.

Tip Social media plays a big role: this age group likes to share their experiences online, making it easy for their followers to get a first impression of waxing or cosmetic treatments in general. This is classic recommendation marketing via social media - and a real opportunity for us beauticians. Why is important for teenagers to have waxing done at the salon? Of course, waxing is more pleasant with a beauty professional than depilation with cold wax strips at home with your girlfriend. As waxing professionals, we work with high-quality waxes. We know the right moves to make the treatment comfortable. We can work in small sections, have professional pre and post-treatment products, and tell our young clients what to avoid in the next 24 to 48 hours. And we can advise them about peeling at home. Our young customers enjoy their time alone with us. The first time, of course ,mom has to come alone, but after that, everyone prefers to come alone. "It's great, finally a beautician for me alone. Then I can tell you all about waxing interrogate. Of course, that’s better without mom.” Which waxes are suitable for teens?

  • Teens love good-smelling waxes. They should also look beautiful and they can colourful. From our experience, teens ask about the "pink wax with a strawberry scent."

  • Adolescents are often even more sensitive to pain than adults. Therefore, the waxes should be kept at a low temperature. Under no circumstances should the wax be applied too hot.

  • The vegan lifestyle is very popular. There are now vegan waxes on the market. These are free from beeswax. As with the selection of cosmetics, vegan cosmetics and waxes are preferred by young people.

  • The waxes should grab the shortest hairs. Teenagers do not want to grow their body hair for long. Therefore, waxes that grip from 1mm are a good choice for teens.


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