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There's nothing like doing things yourself

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Most men are aware that well-groomed skin is part of an attractive appearance and also that they need their own care products. The question is “But which ones?” This is where your commitment as an expert is needed.

Cosmetics for men are no longer considered "unmanly", facial care has already become a matter of course. Not only are individual skin care products for men in high demand, but also there is a demand for specific, targeted skin care routines. The shelves are well stocked with products for men. But which is the right one?

The consultation by the beautician plays a valuable contribution to guide the customers to the products and routine which are suitable for their skin type. This service this cannot be covered by the mass market and is invaluable to the customer. The beauty salon is a sought-after point of sale because within the treatment you can demonstrate and explain what the customer really needs. The cosmetician can also inform about the price point and explain why e.g. professional skin care is more expensive than products from the drugstore. The cosmetic beginner may initially only use a suitable facial care, advanced users also use an appropriately matched cleansing product - and the professionals then also reach for eye care...

Classic male skin

Men's skin has advantages especially with regard to the aging process: it is anatomically and hormonally (higher testosterone content) much more robust than female skin. Male skin is thicker (by up to 15 - 20 %) and thus better protected against external influences such as UV radiation, environmental stress and temperature fluctuations. The higher proportion of supporting collagen fibres results in good skin elasticity. The sebum production which is also mainly controlled by the male sex hormone testosterone is considerably more pronounced than in women's skin and thus the outer lipid film is also more stable. This leads to a favourable water binding capacity which also makes the male skin appear plumper and firmer. Latest findings prove that the male sex hormones (especially progesterone) ensure that the connective tissue degradation is inhibited. In plain language, this means that wrinkles do not appear as quickly with age as they do with women - men's skin ages more slowly.

In women, the oestrogen level already decreases from the age of 30, a process that rapidly intensifies with menopause. This leads to thinning skin, loss of collagen and elastin fibers and associated loss of elasticity. In men, the hormone level decreases much more slowly, which also delays skin aging.

Nevertheless, men are no strangers to anti-aging either. The needs and desires of men are just a little different from those of women. Aging is less of a concern for them because their "starting point" is actually better and the process is slower.

Due to the increased activity of the sebaceous glands, men are often prone to oily skin patterns

My cream, your cream

Nevertheless, a great deal of importance is attached to daily care and its effects (see box below). Unfortunately, it often happens that men use their partner's anti-aging cream. Mostly, however, products for women are too rich for the rather sebum-containing male skin. For with all the advantages in terms of aging there are also downsides: Men's skin has more and larger sebaceous glands - which promotes shiny skin and impurities. Young men in particular have a disproportionately high incidence of blemished skin or acne. Products that are too rich are therefore not suitable, they would remain on the skin and cause unsightly shine or even "pimples". It is reported that the greasy skin feeling does not go down well with men according to investigations, and men prefer products with more moisturizing than oil components. The texture should be pleasantly light as e.g. hydro-gels, serums or fluids. With regards to effective and highly dosed active agents men prefer

· hyaluronic acid,

· vitamin C,

· niacinamide and

· vitalizing plant extracts (e.g. ginkgo or birch)

These ingredients are well suited for men's skin in its prime. An advantage of light day care is that it can be easily spread and also the beard can be cared for directly. In order to keep it quick and uncomplicated, all-in-one products are among the absolute favourites in men's skin care. Such "power fluids" stand for concentrated care in just one product and combine everything that "man" needs to care for his skin in an uncomplicated and efficient way.

Effects are important

71 % of men expect their cosmetics to solve their problems, and as quickly as possible.

53 % of the male participants in the survey would even like to see immediate effects after using cosmetic products.

For this purpose, both sexes prefer, with more than 70 %, ingredients whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven.

Fresh, light, invigorating and vitalising: this is how men want products for their daily skin care.

Lets discuss shaving

This topic is of great interest, besides increasingly nourishing shower products men are also interested in care, which relieves the skin after shaving, and promote the regeneration process. Especially when shaving, razor burn may occur due to an accidental deep abrasion of the corneocytes. In this case immediate relief is required, at best, however, this phenomenon should be prevented.

Soothing but also antibacterial, anti-inflammatory gels with panthenol, bisabolol or microsilver reduce irritations and redness and prevent unwanted "rolling hairs" and inflammations. The cosmetician is in a good position to teach the essential at home skin care steps for cleansing and early ant ageing advice. e.g. the information that the cleansing of the skin is important as the basis of every skin care.

Simple education is key

Often the question then comes, "Why is water not enough?". This can be explained very convincingly using the example of dirty dishes - which do not become clean only with clear water - and is then certainly implemented accordingly by your male customers. This is your opportunity to explain that the following care can only work properly if applied to clean skin. The question "Why use eye care?", the time of the treatment can also be used: Show your client the special requirements of the eye area and let him experience the skin feeling directly. Refreshing, cooling products are very suitable for this purpose. Once he has felt this, the daily care step for the eyes is understood and will be implemented accordingly. For men, however, the daily home care products should not go beyond cleansing, shaving, day and eye care. Here applies: Less is more. Too many care steps quickly overstrain and are counterproductive. If it becomes too elaborate and complicated for the man, the fun of daily care is lost. However, if male customers are convinced of their care routine, they are the most loyal and reliable customers. They are less likely to deviate from products they know. And that's good, because frequently changing products is also a disruptive factor for men's skin.

This is appreciated

These properties should have beauty products for men in their effect - and necessarily also in the sales-promoting claim:

· vital, radiant and fresh skin

· gives energy, strengthens

· with ultra-light formula: invigorating, without greasing, without causing skin shine

· skin compatibility dermatologically confirmed

· perfect after shaving to soothe the skin

· also suitable for beard wearers

· discreet fragrance, can be combined with any after-shave

Dr med Christine Schrammek

The managing director of Dr. med. Christine Schrammek Kosmetik GmbH & Co. KG is a derm

atologist and allergologist. As an anti-aging expert, she develops treatment methods such as the GREEN PEEL® herbal peeling treatment and dermatological care products.

Christina Drusio

is part of the Dr. med. Schrammek owner family and management of Dr. med. Christine Schrammek Kosmetik GmbH & Co. KG. As an expert of sensitive skin, the Medical Specialist for Dermatology and Venerology is a valued speaker at international lectures and seminars.


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